Picking the right driving instructor is vital to your future driving success.

When you purchase anything online, you always read reviews, take heed of recommendations and only decide to purchase after you’ve weighed up the pros and cons.

And using the same level of due diligence when choosing a driving instructor can pay huge dividends.

Here are three simple tips to make sure your choice is the right one.

1. Look at student reviews and listen to word of mouth referrals.

Almost every driving instructor in Ireland will have a website, a Facebook page and a listing on Google.

Use all three to find out more about your potential driving instructor, their style, and most importantly, what their previous students say about them.

Go on to their Facebook business page and read as many reviews as you can. You’ll soon notice common themes emerging that will describe the instructor’s personality, patience, teaching style and how their students feel about the experience.

Google reviews are increasing in importance over the last couple of years, and like Facebook reviews, they can provide you with excellent information on each driving instructor.

Word of mouth referrals are useful in the world of driving instructors too.

Chances are, your siblings, cousins and friends will have passed their test recently so grill them for information on who they were taught by, their thoughts and whether they would recommend the instructor or not.

2. Check out their experience and pass-rate.

A professional in any industry is different and depends on experience, successes and failures.

You wouldn’t compare Lionel Messi with a player in the French second division, and you wouldn’t compare Morgan Freeman’s acting skills with an actor from Emmerdale.

The point is, every professional has a unique skill set; there are some phenomenal driving instructors, and there are some not-so-great driving instructors.

Make a list of five driving instructors in your area and ask them a selection of questions such as:

How long does your driving lessons last?
Will I always get one-to-one tuition with you, or will we be picking up your next student during our lesson?
What is your pass rate record?

How long have you been teaching students to drive?
What is your teaching style?
Do you pick me up from my home/work/school?
Will I always get ‘One to One’ instruction from the same instructor for all my lessons?

3. What are your terms and conditions?

Ask your list of potential driving instructors what their terms and conditions are.

This can give you an insight into the type of driving instructor you’re about to spend hundreds (or thousands!) of Euros with.

Speak to each about how you might cancel a driving lesson and how much notice you have to give, and whether you can have the same (or different) time slots each week.

Ask him/her about their flexibility; for example, if you work in retail, your hours might be different each week.

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