Learners Permit


To get your learners permit, you should apply to the National Drivers Licence Service, submitting the valid theory test certificate along with the following documentation:

  • A completed application form D.20
  • Your current or last driving licence and/or learner permit if you have one
  • Your driver theory test certificate
  • A driving licence Eyesight report form. A completed eyesight report form must accompany all first learner permit applications
  • A driving Licence Medical Report Form may be required
  • The appropriate fee.

A learner permit holder for a car can start to drive but has a number of restrictions:

  • Must be accompanied by a person who has held a full licence for a motorcar for two years.
  • Cannot drive on a motorway
  • Must display the letter L plates on the vehicle or in the case of motorcyclists wear a tabard displaying the letter L on the front and back?
  • Cannot take a driving test until s/he holds the first learner permit for at least six months and has a completed a minimum of 12 Essential Driving Training lesions with an ROS registered approved Driving Instructor
  • In the case of motorcyclists s/he must complete the 16 hours of Initial Basic Training before they can ride the motorcycle other than when taking this training.
  • Reduced drinking and driving limits for learner drivers.
  • Lower Penalty points threshold for new holders of a learner permit. A learner permit lasts for 2 years and can be renewed for a further 2 years following which it generally lasts for one year unless the person has taken a driving test.