No Mobile When Mobile!


It is illegal to use a mobile phone while driving.

Using a phone as driver takes all your attention off driving so you’re putting yourself and the lives of other people in danger! Even if you are a careful driver, you can easily get distracted by a phone call or text message and you could have crash.

What is the Law?

If the Gardaí charge you with a mobile and driving offence, you will get a fixed charged notice of  60. If you pay the fixed charge you will get 3 penalty points.
If you choose not to pay the fixed charge and are then convicted in court you will get 5 penalty points and a fine of up to  

Twelve penalty points on your licence results in driver disqualification, however, an even lower threshold of 7 penalty points applies to learner or novice drivers. 

Using a hands-free kit with your phone is not illegal, but it will stop you concentrating for a short time when you use your mobile phone and this puts other people using the road at risk.

You could be prosecuted for dangerous driving, careless driving or driving without due care and attention because of this. And you could also have your licence endorsed or even lose your licence.

So remember, the safe control of your vehicle is your responsibility.

What should I do?

1: Turn OFF your mobile phone, or put in on silent before starting your journey.

2: Use your voicemail on your phone, people can leave a message for you to contact them.

3: If needed, you can stop regularly (in a safe place) throughout your journey and check your calls and messages.

“Get the point not the points!”