The Learning Phase

A person in Ireland who wants to get a full driving licence for a motor car or motorcycle has a number of steps to follow:

Step 1

Initially, s/he has to pass a driver theory test. This can be taken from age 15 onwards as a pass certificate lasts for two years.

Step 2

Having passed the theory test an application is made for learners permit, the application must include a report on the applicant’s vision and if the person suffers from certain medical conditions a report from a GP of Consultant about the impact of the illness on ability to drive.

Step 3

Driving Test. After a minimum of six months a learner can sit the driving test. This examines the ability of the learner to carry out certain manoeuvres, manage the vehicle in different traffic and road conditions and where possible dual carriageways.

The test also assesses the ability of learner driver to recognise hazards and to deal with them. On passing the driving test a person applies for a full driving licence but continues to have a number of restrictions.