The Speed Limit is not a Target


Speed is the biggest contributing factor to road deaths in the Republic of Ireland; it is directly responsible for an average of 107 road deaths per year.

If you build up 7 or more penalty points (as newly qualified driver) in 36 months, you will receive a notice telling you that you have been banned from driving for 6 months from a particular date.

At 30 km/h 1 in 10 will die

At 50 km/h 5 in 10 will die

At 60 km/h 9 in 10 will die

A speeding crash is over in a second but, for the victims the misery lasts a lifetime. A selfish act which sentences innocent people to a lifetime of pain.

The faster the speed the bigger the mess!


Driving in excess of the speed limit will result in a fixed-charge fine of €80 for speeding offences. You will also automatically receive 3 penalty points on your driving licence. You have 28 days in which to pay your fixed-charge fine from the date the notice issues. Failure to pay the fixed charge will result in an increased fine of €120 and possibly more penalty points up to a maximum of 5 penalty points. If you were not the driver of the vehicle, you must complete the relevant section on the notice and return it within 28 days of its issue.

Further information on fixed-charge notices can be found here.